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Various Artists "Yerevan - Moscow: Transit in Moscow Vol. 2"


     DVD Info:

Genre: Concert
Release Date: 2007
Language: Armenian
Format: DVD / Color + Audio CD / DVD Case
Runtime: 80 min

Live performances and music videos from Ani Cristi and Dato Khujadze, Sona and Sergei Penkin, Alexander Buynov, Emmy and Lada Dens, Anjelica Varum, Hamlet Gevorgyan and Diamond, Hayko and Polina Griffit, Andre and Slivki, Inga aand Anush Arshakyan and Igor Sarukhanov, Arthur Ispirian and A Studio, Arsen Safaryan and Uma Thurman Band, Tata and Otpelie Moshenniki.

            Copyright 2007 Gtak Productions. All rights reserved.